Book I of the Qualun Monogatari


In an island realm lost in ocean mists, a youth named Nori­geo must prove him­self wor­thy to be samu­rai. The sword inher­ited from his mother beto­kens much more than he knows, but will he live long enough to come into his her­itage and claim his place among the war­rior caste?  Pow­er­ful Lord Palumara, who strives for the high­est office a war­lord can attain, is obliv­i­ous to the boy’s exis­tence. But one day cruel power will come up against youth­ful ide­al­ism, and the out­come will change the fate of a land.


This new, full-length fan­tasy novel from

Deb­o­rah Teramis Chris­t­ian is yours for free.


Why free? Because it’s time. Drag­onsword is a story I love, and it has lan­guished too long with­out a read­er­ship. I share this fan­tasy adven­ture novel with you to intro­duce you to my work, if you are not yet famil­iar with it; or to renew our acquain­tance after my long hia­tus from pub­lish­ing.  And, I hope, to nur­ture your inter­est in Book II of this series, which I plan to pub­lish in 2012.

I have just one request. This ebook is free – but if you wish to share it with friends, please do not just give them a copy of it. (Although you could; there is no copy pro­tec­tion on the book.)

Instead, I ask that you direct them to this page, so they can sign up and down­load their own copy. This allows me to stay in con­tact with all read­ers of this novel, and share more impor­tant book news about this vol­ume and series as it unfolds.

Thanks for com­ing to this site. Look around; there is some addi­tional behind-the-scenes info on the world of Drag­onsword here, and much more to fol­low in the com­ing months.

I wish you safe trav­els in the land of Qua-lun!


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